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Desecration Trailer

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Feb. 25th, 2012 | 11:38 am

Trailer from indie Horror movie filmed in NI I'm scoring and creating sound fx for.

I suggest fullscreen and loud!

The entire track was created using recordings from a Cello which were then manipulated into drums sounds, textures and rhythms in Ableton Live.

As the film is entirely set in a forest I wanted to use a real instrument as a base for the all sounds rather than using synths and pre-recorded percussion samples.

I used a kick drum pedal on the cello body to for the beginnings of the kick drum sound (a little trick I learned from Diego Stocco) A lot of the other noise was created using the bow and piano hammers(Diego again ;)) to tap on the cello body and strings to create the rhythms.

From there I used Ableton to pitch shift, eq, compress, distort and time-stretch elements to create the final score.

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